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My Favorite Little Tikes Playhouses

Little Tikes playhouses are full size kids’ playhouses that are typically erected outdoors. These outdoor kids’ houses come in a variety of styles that will make you wish that you were a child again. There are a few choices and making a decision can be a little tricky. However, with a little thought and some good observation you will be well on your way to finding the perfect home out of the selection of Little Tykes playhouses.

Among the choices of the Little Tykes playhouses is a log cabin that boasts a pretend stone fire place, two windows and a working door. If you live in a log style home this may be a great choice for your family. Children love reproductions of the real thing.

The Adobe house has Southwestern charm and like the log cabin, it will appeal to the cowboy in your child. The Adobe house is not made by the Little Tykes playhouses. This Step 2 house comes in a choice of tan, brown or terra cotta. It also looks like it actually has stucco on its outer walls.

The Sweetheart play home is not among the Little Tykes playhouses either. This Step 2 kids’ pretend home looks like a cottage. This is one of the more feminine playhouses available. The Sweetheart child’s play home is packed with interactive goodies including a telephone, a range top that turns into a grill and working doors and windows. There is also a skylight in this childhood dream home.

Like the Sweetheart design, some of the Little Tykes playhouses are interactive. The Magic Doorbell models provide hours of entertainment. These houses are great because the child can play inside the structure using the electronic telephones and the meticulously detailed kitchen areas.

The Magic Doorbell Little Tykes playhouses also have outdoor features that also provide a lot of interactive play. Doorbells, mail boxes working shutters and working doors. These Little Tykes playhouses are suitable for both boys and girls. They come in a choice of color including neutral tones.

My personal favorite among the Little Tykes playhouses is the pirate ship model and this is not just because it is the most affordable of the lot. This playhouse is perfect for either boys or girls and it is a great vehicle for imaginative play.

I just hope that it is my daughter’s favorite as well. Even though choosing which of the Little Tykes playhouses is primarily up to her, I want to play too.

My Favorite Little Tikes Playhouses

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