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Having children can certainly be a gargantuan turn in the road called life. Although some folks assume they are ready in every way, they soon find out that they’re not. What a surprise. I think the greatest thing that surprised me after my daughter was born was the power of the bond. Wow, there is definitely nothing in the world as strong as a parent child connection. I’m talking about a substantial nexus even prior to the child’s birth.

It’s truly wonderful. I can still remember how anxious and happy I was when my wife was pregnant. That child meant the world to me and I hadn’t even met her yet. So if you don’t already have one of your own, but plan to, get ready for something amazing. One aspect of having a child that most happy families naturally avoid is child support laws. Are you up to speed on the system?

I can still remember back in the 80s when child support laws completely sided with the mother. The female would get the children no matter what. Although I don’t agree with this process, I’m sure sometimes it was for the better. However, when my parents split due to my father’s unfaithful behavior, she took us three boys and bolted.

I mean she literally left the state. While I didn’t really understand her actions at the time since I was only five, I sort of do today. The only problem was that when I was young, I wanted to live with my father, and so did my brothers. Hey, we were young boys; what would you expect? We knew nothing but the way he treated us. Regardless of our wishes, we stayed with our mother because the courts ruled it.

This meant that my father had to pay a child support. Those were the child support laws. I find it funny how so many fathers now days do not want to pay. If this is the case, why did they ever contribute to having children? Get a clue!

It’s a good thing that decent child support laws are in place these days. Otherwise a close friend of mine would not even receive child support from her ex husband, who is the father of her two children. He’s not interested whatsoever in taking care of or spending time with his kids. The sad part is that he just had a couple more with a different lady. I believe that men like this are the reason strict child support laws are in place.

Child Support Laws Information

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