Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnancy Hormones – 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Control Your Hormone Levels

Do your spouse suffer from your erratic behavior during and post pregnancy? Credit goes to pregnancy hormones. Find out how you can control them.

Are pregnancy hormones making you crazy and do you feel lunatic and tired most of the times? There are primarily 6 hormones that are responsible for making your body go crazed during and after pregnancy period. The following are 5 primary questions that you should ask yourself to gauze how much your body is getting affected by the effects of hormonal imbalance after pregnancy.

There are primarily 6 hormones that make your life like a hell during and after pregnancy which are Progesterone, Estrogen, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), Prolactin, Relaxin, and Oxytocin. These powerful chemicals not just affect you physically but also mentally which is why most women behave erratic and become too much emotional about normal things in their life. The following 5 questions will help you to identify whether you can control your pregnancy hormones or not.

Question 1: What is your daily diet?

Most women after pregnancy try to look slimmer and thinner in a few days time. This is a complete no-no situation for women post pregnancy. Do not go after rosy schemes of pregnancy weight loss that offer products and guides which flaunt beautiful pictures of post-pregnancy bodies of popular actresses. According to a particular research it has been found out that it takes minimum 9 months after pregnancy to get back to the original shape for the pregnant woman. Pregnancy and delivery of the baby are the two phases where every woman goes through drastic body changes.

It is also important for the health of your newborn baby that you continue eating healthy and nutritious food. You must not cut down on eating foods containing all kinds of vitamins, minerals, carbs and proteins. Some researchers even say that you should not think much about your weight loss for first 6-9 months after your pregnancy. But at the same time, you need to stop eating the junk foods that contain too much of sugar, oil, cholesterol, etc. Once you start following the healthy diet, your pregnancy hormones can also be controlled to safe levels.

Question 2: Do you perform daily exercises?

This is the question that every new mother should ask to herself. I know that performing daily exercise routine after pregnancy can be a daunting task for most of the women out there. But you can at least consult your gynecologist and try some of the simpler forms of exercises as a part of your daily routine. Performing exercises regularly can easily reduce the effects of pregnancy hormones.

Simple exercises such as a morning walk, meditation, easier forms of pregnancy yoga, etc. can help you keep your body and mind fresh and active throughout the day. This can really help you ease your stress and tiredness and thus also reduce the hormone effects on your body. Take some time in the morning or in the evening for your daily exercises and complete them whole-heartedly to get the best health benefits.

Question 3: How much sleep you get on a daily basis?

Getting enough sleep is another important factor that affects your hormone levels. I do agree on the fact that most women get very little or incomplete sleep during night time due to their babies! After all you need to feed your baby in the night and that is where you get very less sleep time. But believe me; it is very critical from your health point of view that you get sufficient sleep for at least 6-7 hours every day.

Without enough sleep, your appetite hormones are affected badly and then you tend to eat more than your actual capability. This leads to eating more sugary stuff and the foods that consist of lots of cholesterol and spice. This again leads to enhanced fat storage and then hormones get larger boost in their effects on the body. Do every attempt to get enough sleep on a daily basis to control the outburst of hormone levels.

Question 4: How much stress you are going through?

Several women go through lot of mental stress during and after pregnancy stages. There are several things in their life that leads to their mental and physical stress and strain. If you are also going through the same phase of stress then you should learn to get over it soon. If you do not control your stress levels then body releases larger proportions of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. This again leads to increase in your appetite which causes you to eat more sugary foods. Higher consumption of sugary foods means increased fat levels and higher risks of diabetes in the later stage.

To get over this stress, you can implement several stress busters such as body and mind relaxation through yoga and meditation, a friendly chit-chat with your neighbors, friends and family members, attending kitty parties, watching movies and playing with your pets, etc. Once you learn how to control your stress, then you can easily manage your pregnancy hormone levels.

Question 5: Do you breastfeed your baby regularly?

Several government agencies and public welfare organizations today insist on providing the milk of the mother to her baby for at least six months or so. If you are one of them who is breastfeeding their babies on a regular basis then there is good news for you. You can naturally control your weight and thus your hormone levels with the help of regular breastfeeding. A certain research has proved the significance of breastfeeding for natural weight loss of a mother. Even baby gets several health benefits after you breastfeed your newborn child for at least first six months. Thus regular breastfeeding can also play a pivotal role in controlling the pregnancy hormone levels in your body.

These are the 5 primary questions that you as a mother of a newborn baby should ask yourself in the first place. Once you answer these questions to the best of your knowledge, you can take the steps to gain control over your hormones.