Pregnancy Diet

The Shocking Truth About Pregnancy Diet – 4 Unknown Secrets Revealed

Are you on a strict pregnancy diet as suggested by your gynecologist? Since ages, we have been in the mindset of following a healthy diet routine as soon as we come to know about our pregnancy. There is nothing wrong about practicing a healthy diet routine during pregnancy. But according to the latest pregnancy diet research data published on The Wall Street Journal, the truth seems to be somewhat different. Read further to uncover 4 pregnancy diet secrets that are unknown to us till date and find out whether the data published here is true or false by your own testing.

Pregnancy Diet Secret No. 1: Moderate caffeine intake during pregnancy is Fine.

Most pregnant women avoid consuming caffeine drinks during pregnancy. Some people think that over-intake of caffeine related products can lead to miscarriage. Some doctors believe that coffee can increase the chances of miscarriage. But in the end, it really depends on the health and immune power of the pregnant woman.

Due to nausea symptoms, most women avoid drinking coffee during pregnancy. This leads to another fact that most women, who drink coffee during pregnancy, must not be experiencing nausea at all. The recent studies have shown that the moderate intake of caffeine related products is fine during pregnancy if you are not experiencing nausea.

Pregnancy Diet Secret No. 2: Light alcohol drinking is Good for the pregnant lady.

We all know that pregnant women should not drink any kind of alcohol or similar drinks during pregnancy. Heavy dosage of alcohol can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome which can affect your child’s health badly for the long term basis. But in the year of 2010, the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a research data which shows the close relationship between the child behavior and the light intake of alcohol during pregnancy.

This research data threw a light on the fact that average of 11% of the children displayed certain behavioral problems whose mothers did not take any drinks during pregnancy. While mothers, who consume light alcohol had less than 9% of the children with behavioral problems. Thus from this research, we can conclude safely that the light alcohol drinking is fine for the pregnant ladies and it does not provide any harm to the baby.

Pregnancy Diet Secret No. 3: Occasional Deli Meats consumption is Fine for pregnant women.

Some of the complete no-no foods for pregnant women is said to be deli meats. Some experts say that due to the pathogen contained in deli meats, pregnant ladies are prone to late miscarriage and stillbirth issues. But the recent research shows that all the deli meats except deli turkey are not hazardous during pregnancy. You can reduce the risk of listeria to much lesser extent if you only avoid eating sliced ham and turkey.

Pregnancy Diet Secret No. 4: Higher pregnancy weight gain percentage reduces the pregnancy complications.

If you think that your weight is too much to handle during pregnancy then you need to think positively about your weight. Because the recent research shows that babies with less weight have more health risks as compared to the babies with higher weight categories. It is often seen that smaller babies are prone to breathing and neurological issues after delivery. On the other side, if you have a baby with large weight then she is less prone to the health complications during and after pregnancy.